the book of proverbs

The Book of Proverbs

Chapter 1

1The Prouerbes of Solomon the sonne of Dauid, King of Israel,

2To knowe wisedome and instruction, to perceiue the words of vnderstanding,

3To receiue the instruction of wisdome, iustice, and iudgement & equitie,

4To giue subtiltie to the simple, to the yong man knowledge and discretion.

5A wise man wil heare, and wil increase learning: and a man of vnderstanding shall attaine vnto wise counsels:

6To vnderstand a prouerbe, and the interpretation; the wordes of the wise, and their darke sayings.

7¶ The feare of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fooles despise wisedome and instruction.

8My sonne, heare the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother.

9For they shall be an ornament of grace vnto thy head, and chaines about thy necke.

10¶ My sonne, if sinners entise thee, consent thou not.

11If they say, Come with vs, let vs lay wait for blood, let vs lurke priuily for the innocent without cause:

12Let vs swallow them vp aliue, as the graue, and whole, as those that goe downe into the pit:

13Wee shall finde all precious substance, wee shall fill our houses with spoile:

14Cast in thy lot among vs, let vs all haue one purse:

15My sonne, walke not thou in the way with them; refraine thy foot from their path:

16For their feete runne to euil, and make haste to shed blood.

17Surely in vaine the net is spread in the sight of any bird.

18And they lay wait for their owne blood, they lurke priuily for their owne liues.

19So are the waies of euery one that is greedie of gaine: which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.

20¶ Wisedome crieth without, she vttereth her voice in the streets:

21Shee crieth in the chiefe place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she vttereth her words, saying,

22How long, ye simple ones, will ye loue simplicitie? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fooles hate knowledge?

23Turne you at my reproofe: behold, I will powre out my spirit vnto you, I will make knowen my wordes vnto you.

24¶ Because I haue called, and yee refused, I haue stretched out my hand, and no man regarded:

25But ye haue set at nought all my counsell, & would none of my reproofe:

26I also will laugh at your calamitie, I wil mocke when your feare commeth.

27When your feare commeth as desolation, and your destruction commeth as a whirlewinde; when distresse and anguish commeth vpon you:

28Then shall they call vpon mee, but I will not answere; they shall seeke me early, but they shall not finde me:

29For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the feare of the Lord.

30They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproofe.

31Therefore shall they eate of the fruite of their owne way, and be filled with their owne deuices.

32For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fooles shall destroy them.

33But who so hearkneth vnto mee, shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from feare of euill.

Chapter 2

1My sonne, if thou wilt receiue my words, and hide my commaundements with thee;

2So that thou incline thine eare vnto wisedome, and apply thine heart to vnderstanding:

3Yea if thou cryest after knowledge, and liftest vp thy voyce for vnderstanding:

4If thou seekest her as siluer, and searchest for her, as for hid treasures:

5Then shalt thou vnderstand the feare of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God.

6For the Lord giueth wisedome: out of his mouth commeth knowledge, and vnderstanding.

7He layeth vp sound wisedome for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walke vprightly.

8He keepeth the pathes of iudgement, and preserueth the way of his Saints.

9Then shalt thou vnderstand righteousnesse, and iudgement, and equity; yea euery good path.

10¶ When wisedome entreth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant vnto thy soule;

11Discretion shall preserue thee, vnderstanding shall keepe thee:

12To deliuer thee from the way of the euill man, from the man that speaketh froward things.

13Who leaue the pathes of vprightnesse, to walke in the wayes of darkenesse:

14Who reioyce to doe euill, and delight in the frowardnesse of the wicked.

15Whose wayes are crooked, and they froward in their pathes.

16To deliuer thee from the strange woman, euen from the stranger, which flattereth with her words:

17Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the couenant of her God.

18For her house inclineth vnto death, and her pathes vnto the dead:

19None that goe vnto her, returne againe, neither take they hold of the pathes of life.

20That thou mayest walke in the way of good men, and keepe the pathes of the righteous.

21For the vpright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remaine in it.

22But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressours shalbe rooted out of it.

Chapter 3

1My sonne, forget not my lawe; but let thine heart keepe my commaundements:

2For length of dayes, and long life, and peace shall they adde to thee.

3Let not mercy and trueth forsake thee: bind them about thy necke, write them vpon the table of thine heart.

4So shalt thou find fauour, and good vnderstanding in the sight of God, and man.

5¶ Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and leaue not vnto thine owne vnderstanding.

6In all thy wayes acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy pathes.

7¶ Be not wise in thine owne eyes: feare the Lord, and depart from euill.

8It shalbe health to thy nauill, and marrow to thy bones.

9Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase.

10So shall thy barnes be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.

11¶ My sonne, despise not the chastening of the Lord: neither be weary of his correction.

12For whom the Lord loueth, he correcteth, euen as a father the sonne, in whom he delighteth.

13¶ Happy is the man that findeth wisedome, and the man that getteth vnderstanding.

14For the merchandise of it is better then the merchandise of siluer, and the gaine thereof, then fine gold.

15She is more precious then Rubies: and all the things thou canst desire, are not to be compared vnto her.

16Length of dayes is in her right hand: and in her left hand, riches and honour.

17Her wayes are wayes of plesantnesse: and all her pathes are peace.

18She is a tree of life, to them that lay hold vpon her: and happy is euery one that retaineth her.

19The Lord by wisedome hath founded the earth; by vnderstanding hath he established the heauens.

20By his knowledge the depthes are broken vp; and the cloudes droppe downe the dew.

21¶ My sonne, let not them depart from thine eyes: keepe sound wisedome and discretion.

22So shall they bee life vnto thy soule, and grace to thy necke.

23Then shalt thou walke in thy way safely, & thy foot shall not stumble.

24When thou lyest downe, thou shalt not be afraide: yea, thou shalt lye downe, and thy sleepe shalbe sweet.

25Be not afraid of sudden feare, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it commeth.

26For the Lord shalbe thy confidence, and shall keepe thy foote from being taken.

27¶ Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to doe it.

28Say not vnto thy neighbour, Goe, and come againe, and to morrow I will giue, when thou hast it by thee.

29Deuise not euil against thy neighbour, seeing hee dwelleth securely by thee.

30¶ Striue not with a man without cause, if hee haue done thee no harme.

31¶ Enuie thou not the oppressour, and choose none of his wayes.

32For the froward is abomination to the Lord: but his secret is with the righteous.

33¶ The curse of the Lord is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the iust.

34Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giueth grace vnto the lowly.

35The wise shall inherite glory, but shame shalbe the promotion of fooles.

Chapter 4

1Heare, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know vnderstanding.

2For I giue you good doctrine: forsake you not my law.

3For I was my fathers sonne, tender and onely beloued in the sight of my mother.

4He taught me also, and said vnto me, Let thine heart reteine my wordes: keepe my commandements, and liue.

5Get wisedome, get vnderstanding: forget it not, neither decline from the wordes of my mouth.

6Forsake her not, and she shall preserue thee: loue her, and she shall keepe thee.

7Wisedome is the principall thing, therefore get wisedome: and with all thy getting, get vnderstanding.

8Exalt her, and shee shall promote thee: shee shall bring thee to honour, when thou doest imbrace her.

9She shall giue to thine head an ornament of grace, a crowne of glory shall she deliuer to thee.

10Heare, O my sonne, and receiue my sayings: and the yeeres of thy life shalbe many.

11I haue taught thee in the way of wisedome: I haue lead thee in right pathes.

12When thou goest, thy steps shall not be straitned, and when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble.

13Take fast hold of instruction, let her not goe; keepe her, for she is thy life.

14¶ Enter not into the path of the wicked, and goe not in the way of euill men.

15Auoid it, passe not by it, turne from it, and passe away.

16For they sleepe not except they haue done mischiefe: and their sleepe is taken away vnlesse they cause some to fall.

17For they eate the bread of wickednesse, and drinke the wine of violence.

18But the path of the iust is as the shining light that shineth more and more vnto the perfect day.

19The way of the wicked is as darknes: they know not at what they stumble.

20¶ My sonne, attend to my words, incline thine eare vnto my sayings.

21Let them not depart from thine eyes: keepe them in the midst of thine heart.

22For they are life vnto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

23¶ Keepe thy heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life.

24Put away from thee a froward mouth, and peruerse lips put farre from thee.

25Let thine eyes looke right on, and let thine eye lids looke straight before thee.

26Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy wayes be established.

27Turne not to the right hande nor to the left: remoue thy foot frō euil.

Chapter 5

1My sonne, attend vnto my wisedome, and bowe thine eare to my vnderstanding.

2That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keepe knowledge.

3¶ For the lips of a strange woman drop as an hony combe, and her mouth is smoother then oyle.

4But her end is bitter as wormewood, sharpe as a two edged sword.

5Her feete goe downe to death: her steps take hold on hell.

6Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her wayes are moueable, that thou canst not know them.

7Heare me now therefore, O yee children: & depart not from the words of my mouth.

8Remoue thy way farre from her, and come not nie the doore of her house:

9Lest thou giue thine honour vnto others, and thy yeeres vnto the cruell:

10Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth, and thy labors be in the house of a stranger,

11And thou mourne at the last, when thy flesh and thy body are consumed,

12And say, How haue I hated instruction, and my heart despised reproofe?

13And haue not obeyed the voyce of my teachers, nor inclined mine eare to them that instructed me?

14I was almost in all euill, in the midst of the congregation & assembly.

15¶ Drinke waters out of thine owne cisterne, and running waters out of thine owne well.

16Let thy fountaines bee dispersed abroad, and riuers of waters in the streets.

17Let them be onely thine owne, and not strangers with thee.

18Let thy fountaine be blessed: and reioyce with the wife of thy youth.

19Let her bee as the louing Hinde and pleasant Roe, let her breasts satisfie thee at all times, and be thou rauisht alwayes with her loue.

20And why wilt thou, my sonne, be rauisht with a strange woman, and imbrace the bosome of a stranger?

21For the wayes of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings.

22¶ His owne iniquities shall take the wicked himselfe, and he shall be holden with the coards of his sinnes.

23He shall die without instruction, and in the greatnesse of his folly he shal goe astray.

Chapter 6

1My sonne, if thou bee surety for thy friend, it thou hast stricken thy hand with a stranger,

2Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the wordes of thy mouth.

3Doe this now, my sonne, and deliuer thy selfe, when thou art come into the hand of thy friend: goe, humble thy selfe, and make sure thy friend.

4Giue not sleepe to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids.

5Deliuer thy selfe as a Roe from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler.

6¶ Goe to the Ant, thou sluggard, consider her wayes, and be wise.

7Which hauing no guide, ouerseer, or ruler,

8Prouideth her meat in the Summer, and gathereth her food in the haruest.

9How long wilt thou sleepe, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleepe?

10Yet a little sleepe, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleepe.

11So shall thy pouertie come as one that trauaileth, and thy want as an armed man.

12¶ A naughtie person, a wicked man walketh with a froward mouth.

13He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feete, hee teacheth with his fingers.

14Frowardnesse is in his heart, he deuiseth mischiefe continually, he soweth discord.

15Therefore shall his calamitie come suddenly; suddenly shall hee be broken without remedie.

16¶ These sixe things doeth the Lord hate; yea seuen are an abomination vnto him:

17A proude looke, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood:

18An heart that deuiseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischiefe:

19A false witnesse that speaketh lies; and him that soweth discord among brethren.

20¶ My sonne, keepe thy fathers commandement, and forsake not the law of thy mother.

21Binde them continually vpon thine heart, and tie them about thy necke.

22When thou goest, it shall leade thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keepe thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talke with thee.

23For the Commandement is a lampe, and the Lawe is light: and reproofes of instruction are the way of life:

24To keepe thee from the euill woman, from the flatterie of the tongue of a strange woman.

25Lust not after her beautie in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.

26For by meanes of a whorish woman, a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteresse will hunt for the precious life.

27Can a man take fire in his bosome, and his clothes not be burnt?

28Can one goe vpon hote coales, and his feete not be burnt?

29So he that goeth in to his neighbours wife; whosoeuer toucheth her, shall not be innocent.

30Men doe not despise a thiefe, if he steale to satisfie his soule, when hee is hungry:

31But if he be found, he shall restore seuenfold, he shall giue all the substance of his house.

32But who so committeth adultery with a woman, lacketh vnderstanding: hee that doeth it, destroyeth his owne soule.

33A wound and dishonour shall he get, and his reproch shall not be wiped away.

34For iealousie is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.

35He will not regard any ransome; neither will hee rest content, though thou giuest many giftes.

Chapter 7

1My sonne, keepe my words, and lay vp my commaundements with thee.

2Keepe my commandements, and liue: and my law as the apple of thine eye.

3Bind them vpon thy fingers, write them vpon the table of thine heart.

4Say vnto Wisedome, Thou art my sister, and call Understanding thy kinse woman,

5That they may keepe thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

6¶ For at the windowe of my house I looked through my casement,

7And behelde among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a yong man void of vnderstanding,

8Passing through the streete neere her corner, and he went the way to her house,

9In the twilight in the euening, in the blacke and darke night:

10And behold, there met him a woman, with the attire of an harlot, and subtill of heart.

11(She is loud and stubburne, her feet abide not in her house:

12Now is shee without, now in the streetes, and lieth in waite at euery corner.)

13So she caught him, and kissed him, and with an impudent face, said vnto him,

14I haue peace offerings with me: this day haue I paid my vowes.

15Therefore came I forth to meete thee, diligently to seeke thy face, and I haue found thee.

16I haue deckt my bed with couerings of tapestrie, with carued workes, with fine linnen of Egypt.

17I haue perfumed my bed with myrrhe, aloes, and cynamom.

18Come, let vs take our fill of loue vntill the morning, let vs solace our selues with loues.

19For the good-man is not at home, he is gone a long iourney.

20He hath taken a bag of money with him, and will come home at the day appointed.

21With much faire speech she caused him to yeeld, with the flattering of her lips she forced him.

22He goeth after her straightway, as an oxe goeth to the slaughter, or as a foole to the correction of the stocks,

23Til a dart strike through his liuer, as a bird hasteth to the snare, and knoweth not that it is for his life.

24¶ Hearken vnto me now therefore, O ye children, and attend to the words of my mouth.

25Let not thine heart decline to her wayes, goe not astray in her paths.

26For shee hath cast downe many wounded: yea many strong men haue bene slaine by her.

27Her house is the way to hell, going downe to the chambers of death.

Chapter 8

1Doeth not Wisedome crie? & Understanding put foorth her voice?

2Shee standeth in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the pathes.

3She cryeth at the gates, at the entrie of the citie, at the comming in at the doores.

4Unto you, O men, I call, and my voice is to the sonnes of man.

5O yee simple, vnderstand wisedome: and yee fooles, be yee of an vnderstanding heart.

6Heare, for I will speake of excellent things: and the opening of my lippes shalbe right things.

7For my mouth shall speake truth, and wickednesse is an abomination to my lippes.

8All the words of my mouth are in righteousnes, there is nothing froward or peruerse in them.

9They are all plaine to him that vnderstandeth: and right to them that find knowledge.

10Receiue my instruction, and not siluer: and knowledge rather then choise gold.

11For wisedome is better then rubies: and all the things that may be desired, are not to be compared to it.

12I wisedome dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inuentions.

13The feare of the Lord is to hate euill: pride and arrogancie, and the euill way, and the froward mouth doe I hate.

14Counsell is mine, and sound wisedome: I am vnderstanding, I haue strength.

15By me kings reigne, and princes decree iustice.

16By me Princes rule, and Nobles, euen all the Iudges of the earth.

17I loue them that loue me, and those that seeke me early, shall find me.

18Riches and honour are with me, yea durable riches and righteousnesse.

19My fruite is better then gold, yea then fine gold, and my reuenue then choise siluer.

20I leade in the way of righteousnesse, in the midst of the pathes of iudgment.

21That I may cause those that loue me, to inherite substance: and I will fill their treasures.

22The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.

23I was set vp from euerlasting, from the beginning, or euer the earth was.

24When there were no depthes, I was brought forth: when there were no fountaines abounding with water.

25Before the mountaines were setled: before the hilles, was I brought foorth:

26While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world.

27When hee prepared the heauens, I was there: when he set a compasse vpon the face of the depth.

28When he established the cloudes aboue: when he strengthned the fountaines of the deepe.

29When he gaue to the sea his decree, that the waters should not passe his commandement: when he appointed the foundations of the earth:

30Then I was by him, as one brought vp with him: and I was daily his delight, reioycing alwayes before him:

31Reioycing in the habitable part of his earth, and my delights were with the sonnes of men.

32Nowe therefore hearken vnto me, O yee children: for blessed are they that keepe my wayes.

33Heare instruction, and bee wise, and refuse it not.

34Blessed is the man that heareth me: watching daily at my gates, waiting at the postes of my doores.

35For whoso findeth mee, findeth life, and shall obtaine fauour of the Lord.

36But hee that sinneth against me, wrongeth his owne soule; all they that hate me, loue death.

Chapter 9

1Wisedome hath builded her house: she hath hewen out her seuen pillars.

2She hath killed her beastes; she hath mingled her wine: she hath also furnished her table.

3She hath sent forth her maidens; she cryeth vpon the highest places of the citie.

4Who so is simple, let him turne in hither: as for him that wanteth vnderstanding, she sayth to him:

5Come, eate of my bread, and drinke of the wine, which I haue mingled.

6Forsake the foolish, and liue; and goe in the way of vnderstanding.

7He that reproueth a scorner, getteth to himselfe shame: and he that rebuketh a wicked man, getteth himselfe a blot.

8Reproue not a scorner, lest hee hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and hee will loue thee.

9Giue instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a iust man, and he will increase in learning.

10The feare of the Lord is the beginning of wisedome: and the knowledge of the holy is vnderstanding.

11For by me thy dayes shall be multiplied: and the yeeres of thy life shalbe increased.

12If thou be wise, thou shalt be wise for thy selfe: but if thou scornest, thou alone shalt beare it.

13¶ A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, & knoweth nothing.

14For she sitteth at the doore of her house on a seate, in the high places of the Citie:

15To call passengers who go right on their wayes:

16Who so is simple, let him turne in hither: and as for him that wanteth vnderstanding, she saith to him;

17Stollen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.

18But hee knoweth not that the dead are there, and that her guests are in the depths of hell.

Chapter 10

1The Prouerbes of Solomon: A wise sonne maketh a glad father: but a foolish sonne is the heauinesse of his mother.

2Treasures of wickednesse profit nothing: but righteousnes deliuereth from death.

3The Lord will not suffer the soule of the righteous to famish: but he casteth away the substance of the wicked.

4Hee becommeth poore that dealeth with a slacke hand: but the hand of the diligent, maketh rich.

5Hee that gathereth in Summer, is a wise sonne: but hee that sleepeth in haruest, is a sonne that causeth shame.

6Blessings are vpon the head of the iust: but violence couereth the mouth of the wicked.

7The memorie of the iust is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.

8The wise in heart will receiue commaundements: but a prating foole shall fall.

9He that walketh vprightly, walketh surely: but he that peruerteth his wayes, shalbe knowen.

10Hee that winketh with the eye, causeth sorrow: but a prating foole shall fall.

11The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life: but violence couereth the mouth of the wicked.

12Hatred stirreth vp strifes: but loue couereth all sinnes.

13In the lips of him that hath vnderstanding, wisedome is found: but a rod is for the backe of him that is voyd of vnderstanding.

14Wise men lay vp knowledge: but the mouth of the foolish is neere destruction.

15The rich mans wealth is his strong citie: the destruction of the poore is their pouertie.

16The labour of the righteous tendeth to life: the fruite of the wicked to sinne.

17He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but hee that refuseth reproofe, erreth.

18Hee that hideth hatred with lying lippes, and he that vttereth a slander, is a foole.

19In the multitude of words there wanteth not sinne: but he that refraineth his lippes, is wise.

20The tongue of the iust is as choise siluer: the heart of the wicked is little worth.

21The lippes of the righteous feed many: but fooles die for want of wisedome.

22The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and hee addeth no sorrow with it.

23It is as a sport to a foole to doe mischiefe: but a man of vnderstanding hath wisedome.

24The feare of the wicked, it shall come vpon him: but the desire of the righteous shalbe granted.

25As the whirlewinde passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous is an euerlasting foundation.

26As vineger to the teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, so is the sluggard to them that send him.

27The feare of the Lord prolongeth dayes: but the yeeres of the wicked shalbe shortened.

28The hope of the righteous shall bee gladnesse: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish.

29The way of the Lord is strength to the vpright: but destruction shall bee to the workers of iniquitie.

30The righteous shall neuer bee remooued: but the wicked shall not inhabite the earth.

31The mouth of the iust bringeth foorth wisedome: but the froward tongue shalbe cut out.

32The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable: but the mouth of the wicked speaketh frowardnesse.

Chapter 11

1A false ballance is abomination to the Lord: but a iust weight is his delight.

2When pride commeth, then commeth shame: but with the lowly is wisedome.

3The integritie of the vpright shall guide them: but the peruersenesse of transgressours shall destroy them.

4Riches profite not in the day of wrath: but righteousnesse deliuereth from death.

5The righteousnesse of the perfect shall direct his way: but the wicked shall fall by his owne wickednesse.

6The righteousnesse of the vpright shall deliuer them: but transgressours shall be taken in their owne naughtinesse.

7When a wicked man dieth, his expectation shall perish: and the hope of vniust men perisheth.

8The righteous is deliuered out of trouble, and the wicked commeth in his stead.

9An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the iust be deliuered.

10When it goeth well with the righteous, the citie reioyceth: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting.

11By the blessing of the vpright the citie is exalted; but it is ouerthrowen by the mouth of the wicked.

12He that is void of wisedome, despiseth his neighbour: but a man of vnderstanding holdeth his peace.

13A tale-bearer reuealeth secrets: but hee that is of a faithfull spirit, concealeth the matter.

14Where no counsell is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellers there is safetie.

15Hee that is suretie for a stranger, shall smart for it: and hee that hateth suretiship, is sure.

16A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retaine riches.

17The mercifull man doeth good to his owne soule: but he that is cruell, troubleth his owne flesh.

18The wicked worketh a deceitfull worke: but to him that soweth righteousnesse, shall be a sure reward.

19As righteousnesse tendeth to life: so he that pursueth euill, pursueth it to his owne death.

20They that are of a froward heart, are abomination to the Lord: but such as are vpright in their way, are his delight.

21Though hand ioyne in hand, the wicked shall not be vnpunished: but the seede of the righteous shall be deliuered.

22As a iewell of golde in a swines snowt; so is a faire woman which is without discretion.

23The desire of the righteous is onely good: but the expectation of the wicked is wrath.

24There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more then is meete, but it tendeth to pouertie.

25The liberall soule shalbe made fat: and he that watereth, shall be watered also himselfe.

26Hee that withholdeth corne, the people shall curse him: but blessing shall be vpon the head of him that selleth it.

27He that diligently seeketh good, procureth fauour: but hee that seeketh mischiefe, it shall come vnto him.

28He that trusteth in his riches, shall fall: but the righteous shall flourish as a branch.

29He that troubleth his owne house, shall inherite the winde: and the foole shall be seruant to the wise of heart.

30The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life: and hee that winneth soules, is wise.

31Behold, the righteous shalbe recompensed in the earth: much more the wicked and the sinner.

Chapter 12

1Whoso loueth instruction, loueth knowledge: but he that hateth reproofe, is brutish.

2A good man obtaineth fauour of the Lord: but a man of wicked deuices will he condemne.

3A man shall not bee established by wickednesse: but the roote of the righteous shall not be mooued.

4A vertuous woman is a crowne to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed, is as rottennesse in his bones.

5The thoughts of the righteous are right: but the counsels of the wicked are deceit.

6The words of the wicked are to lie in waite for blood: but the mouth of the vpright shall deliuer them.

7The wicked are ouerthrowen, and are not: but the house of the righteous shall stand.

8A man shall be commended according to his wisedome: but hee that is of a peruerse heart, shall be despised.

9Hee that is despised and hath a seruant, is better then he that honoureth himselfe, and lacketh bread.

10A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruell.

11Hee that tilleth his land, shall bee satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vaine persons, is void of vnderstanding.

12The wicked desireth the net of euill men: but the roote of the righteous yeeldeth fruit.

13The wicked is snared by the transgression of his lippes: but the iust shall come out of trouble.

14A man shall bee satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth, and the recompence of a mans hands shall bee rendred vnto him.

15The way of a foole is right in his owne eyes: but he that hearkeneth vnto counsell, is wise.

16A fooles wrath is presently knowen: but a prudent man couereth shame.

17He that speaketh trueth, sheweth foorth righteousnesse: but a false witnesse, deceit.

18There is that speaketh like the pearcings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health.

19The lippe of trueth shall bee established for euer: but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

20Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine euill: but to the counsellours of peace, is ioy.

21There shall no euill happen to the iust: but the wicked shall bee filled with mischiefe.

22Lying lippes are abomination to the Lord: but they that deale truely, are his delight.

23A prudent man concealeth knowledge: but the heart of fooles proclaimeth foolishnesse.

24The hand of the diligent shall beare rule: but the slouthfull shall bee vnder tribute.

25Heauinesse in the heart of man maketh it stoope: but a good word maketh it glad.

26The righteous is more excellent then his neighbour: but the way of the wicked seduceth them.

27The slouthfull man rosteth not that which he tooke in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious.

28In the way of righteousnesse is life, and in the path-way thereof there is no death.

Chapter 13

1A wise sonne heareth his fathers instruction: but a scorner heareth not rebuke.

2A man shall eate good by the fruit of his mouth: but the soule of the transgressours, shall eate violence.

3He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life: but hee that openeth wide his lips, shall haue destruction.

4The soule of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soule of the diligent shall be made fat.

5A righteous man hateth lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and commeth to shame.

6Righteousnesse keepeth him that is vpright in the way: but wickednesse ouerthroweth the sinner.

7There is that maketh himselfe rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himselfe poore, yet hath great riches.

8The ransome of a mans life are his riches: but the poore heareth not rebuke.

9The light of the righteous reioyceth: but the lampe of the wicked shall be put out.

10Onely by pride commeth contention: but with the well aduised is wisedome.

11Wealth gotten by vanitie shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour, shall increase.

12Hope deferred maketh the heart sicke: but when the desire commeth, it is a tree of life.

13Whoso despiseth the word, shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commaundement, shall be rewarded.

14The lawe of the wise is a fountaine of life, to depart from the snares of death.

15Good vnderstanding giueth fauour: but the way of transgressours is hard.

16Euery prudent man dealeth with knowledge: but a foole layeth open his folly.

17A wicked messenger falleth into mischiefe: but a faithfull ambassadour is health.

18Pouerty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction: but he that regardeth reproofe, shall be honoured.

19The desire accomplished is sweet to the soule: but it is abomination to fooles to depart from euill.

20He that walketh with wise men, shall be wise: but a companion of fooles shall be destroyed.

21Euill pursueth sinners: but to the righteous, good shall be repayd.

22A good man leaueth an inheritance to his childrens children: and the wealth of the sinner is layd vp for the iust.

23Much food is in the tillage of the poore: but there is that is destroyed for want of iudgement.

24He that spareth his rod, hateth his sonne: but he that loueth him, chasteneth him betimes.

25The righteous eateth to the satisfying of his soule: but the belly of the wicked shall want.

Chapter 14

1Euery wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it downe with her hands.

2He that walketh in his vprightnesse, feareth the Lord: but he that is peruerse in his wayes, despiseth him.

3In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride: but the lippes of the wise shall preserue them.

4Where no Oxen are, the crib is cleane: but much increase is by the strength of the Oxe.

5A faithfull witnesse will not lye: but a false witnesse will vtter lyes.

6A scorner seeketh wisedome, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easie vnto him that vnderstandeth.

7Goe from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceiuest not in him the lippes of knowledge.

8The wisedome of the prudent is to vnderstand his way: but the folly of fooles is deceit.

9Fooles make a mocke at sinne: but among the righteous there is fauour.

10The heart knoweth his owne bitternesse; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his ioy.

11The house of the wicked shall bee ouerthrowen: but the tabernacle of the vpright shall flourish.

12There is a way which seemeth right vnto a man: but the end thereof are the wayes of death.

13Euen in laughter the heart is sorrowfull; and the end of that mirth is heauinesse.

14The backslider in heart shall be filled with his owne wayes: and a good man shall be satisfied from himselfe.

15The simple beleeueth euery word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

16A wise man feareth, and departeth from euill: but the foole rageth, and is confident.

17Hee that is soone angry, dealeth foolishly: and a man of wicked deuices is hated.

18The simple inherite folly: but the prudent are crowned with knowledge.

19The euill bowe before the good: and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.

20The poore is hated euen of his owne neighbour: but the rich hath many friends.

21He that despiseth his neighbour, sinneth: but he that hath mercy on the poore, happy is he.

22Doe they not erre that deuise euil? but mercy and trueth shall be to them that deuise good.

23In all labour there is profit: but the talke of the lippes tendeth onely to penury.

24The crowne of the wise is their riches: but the foolishnesse of fooles is folly.

25A true witnesse deliuereth soules: but a deceitfull witnesse speaketh lyes.

26In the feare of the Lord is strong confidence: and his children shall haue a place of refuge.

27The feare of the Lord, is a fountaine of life, to depart from the snares of death.

28In the multitude of people is the kings honour: but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince.

29Hee that is slow to wrath, is of great vnderstanding: but hee that is hasty of spirit, exalteth folly.

30A sound heart, is the life of the flesh: but enuie, the rottennesse of the bones.

31Hee that oppresseth the poore, reprocheth his Maker: but hee that honoureth him, hath mercy on the poore.

32The wicked is driuen away in his wickednes: but the righteous hath hope in his death.

33Wisedome resteth in the heart of him that hath vnderstanding: but that which is in the midst of fooles, is made knowen.

34Righteousnes exalteth a nation: but sinne is a reproch to any people.

35The Kings fauour is toward a wise seruant: but his wrath, is against him that causeth shame.

Chapter 15

1A soft answere turneth away wrath: but grieuous words stirre vp anger.

2The tongue of the wise, vseth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fooles, powreth out foolishnes.

3The eyes of the Lord are in euery place, beholding the euill & the good.

4A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but peruersnesse therein is a breach in the spirit.

5A foole despiseth his fathers instruction: but hee that regardeth reproofe, is prudent.

6In the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the reuenues of the wicked is trouble.

7The lippes of the wise disperse knowledge: but the heart of the foolish, doeth not so.

8The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord: but the prayer of the vpright is his delight.

9The way of the wicked is an abomination vnto the Lord: but he loueth him that followeth after righteousnes.

10Correction is grieuous vnto him that forsaketh the way: and he that hateth reproofe, shall die.

11Hell and destruction are before the Lord: how much more then, the hearts of the children of men?

12A scorner loueth not one that reproueth him: neither will he goe vnto the wise.

13A merry heart maketh a cheerefull countenance: but by sorrow of the heart, the spirit is broken.

14The heart of him that hath vnderstanding, seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fooles feedeth on foolishnesse.

15All the dayes of the afflicted are euill: but he that is of a merry heart, hath a continuall feast.

16Better is little with the feare of the Lord, then great treasure, and trouble therewith.

17Better is a dinner of herbes where loue is, then a stalled oxe, and hatred therewith.

18A wrathfull man stirreth vp strife: but he that is slow to anger, appeaseth strife.

19The way of the slouthfull man is as an hedge of thornes: but the way of the righteous is made plaine.

20A wise sonne maketh a glad father: but a foolish man despiseth his mother.

21Folly is ioy to him that is destitute of wisedome: but a man of vnderstanding walketh vprightly.

22Without counsell, purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellours they are established.

23A man hath ioy by the answere of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it?

24The way of life is aboue to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.

25The Lord will destroy the house of the proud: but he will establish the border of the widow.

26The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord: but the wordes of the pure, are pleasant words.

27Hee that is greedy of gaine, troubleth his owne house: but he that hateth gifts, shall liue.

28The heart of the righteous studieth to answere: but the mouth of the wicked, powreth out euil things.

29The Lord is farre from the wicked: but hee heareth the prayer of the righteous.

30The light of the eyes reioyceth the heart: and a good report maketh the bones fat.

31The eare that heareth the reproofe of life, abideth among the wise.

32He that refuseth instruction, despiseth his owne soule: but he that heareth reproofe, getteth vnderstanding.

33The feare of the Lord is the instruction of wisedome; and before honour is humilitie.

Chapter 16

1The preparations of the heart in man, and the answere of the tongue, is from the Lord.

2All the wayes of a man are cleane in his owne eyes: but the Lord weigheth the spirits.

3Commit thy workes vnto the Lord, and thy thoughts shalbe established.

4The Lord hath made all things for himselfe: yea, euen the wicked for the day of euill.

5Euery one that is proud in heart, is an abomination to the Lord: though hand ioyne in hand, he shall not be vnpunished.

6By mercy and trueth iniquitie is purged: and by the feare of the Lord, men depart from euill.

7When a mans wayes please the Lord, he maketh euen his enemies to be at peace with him.

8Better is a little with righteousnesse, then great reuenewes without right.

9A mans heart deuiseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.

10A diuine sentence is in the lips of the king: his mouth transgresseth not in iudgement.

11A iust weight and ballance are the Lords: all the weights of the bagge are his worke.

12It is an abomination to kings to commit wickednesse: for the throne is established by righteousnesse.

13Righteous lips are the delight of kings: and they loue him that speaketh right.

14The wrath of a king is as messengers of death: but a wise man will pacifie it.

15In the light of the kings countenance is life, and his fauour is as a cloude of the latter raine.

16How much better is it to get wisedome, then gold? and to get vnderstanding, rather to be chosen then siluer?

17The high way of the vpright is to depart from euill: hee that keepeth his way, preserueth his soule.

18Pride goeth before destruction: and an hautie spirit before a fall.

19Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, then to diuide the spoile with the proud.

20He that handleth a matter wisely, shall finde good: and who so trusteth in the Lord, happy is hee.

21The wise in heart shall be called prudent; and the sweetnesse of the lips increaseth learning.

22Understanding is a well-spring of life vnto him that hath it: but the instruction of fooles is folly.

23The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lippes.

24Pleasant words are as an honycombe, sweete to the soule, and health to the bones.

25There is a way that seemeth right vnto a man; but the end thereof are the wayes of death.

26Hee that laboureth, laboureth for himselfe; for his mouth craueth it of him.

27An vngodly man diggeth vp euill: and in his lips there is as a burning fire.

28A froward man soweth strife; & a whisperer separateth chiefe friends.

29A violent man enticeth his neighbour, and leadeth him into the way that is not good.

30He shutteth his eyes to deuise froward things: moouing his lips he bringeth euill to passe.

31The hoary head is a crowne of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousnesse.

32He that is slow to anger, is better then the mighty: and he that ruleth his spirit, then he that taketh a citie.

33The lot is cast into the lap: but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.

Chapter 17

1Better is a drie morsell, and quietnesse therewith; then an house full of sacrifices with strife.

2A wise seruant shall haue rule ouer a son that causeth shame: and shall haue part of the inheritance among the brethren.

3The fining pot is for siluer, and the furnace for gold: but the Lord trieth the hearts.

4A wicked doer giueth heed to false lips: and a liar giueth eare to a naughtie tongue.

5Whoso mocketh the poore, reproacheth his maker: and he that is glad at calamities, shall not be vnpunished.

6Childrens children are the crowne of old men: and the glory of children are their fathers.

7Excellent speech becommeth not a foole: much lesse doe lying lippes a prince.

8A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoeuer it turneth, it prospereth.

9He that couereth a transgression, seeketh loue; but he that repeateth a matter, separateth very friends.

10A reproofe entreth more into a wise man, then an hundred stripes into a foole.

11An euill man seeketh onely rebellion; therefore a cruell messenger shall be sent against him.

12Let a beare robbed of her whelps meet a man, rather then a foole in his folly.

13Whoso rewardeth euill for good, euill shall not depart from his house.

14The beginning of strife is as when one letteth out water: therfore leaue off contention, before it be medled with.

15He that iustifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the iust: euen they both are abomination to the Lord.

16Wherfore is there a price in the hand of a foole to get wisedome, seeing he hath no heart to it?

17A friend loueth at all times, and a brother is borne for aduersitie.

18A man void of vnderstanding striketh hands, and becommeth suretie in the presence of his friend.

19He loueth transgression, that loueth strife: and he that exalteth his gate, seeketh destruction.

20He that hath a froward heart, findeth no good, and he that hath a peruerse tongue, falleth into mischiefe.

21He that begetteth a foole, doth it to his sorrow: and the father of a foole hath no ioy.

22A merrie heart doth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

23A wicked man taketh a gift out of the bosome, to peruert the wayes of iudgement.

24Wisedome is before him that hath vnderstanding: but the eyes of a foole are in the ends of the earth.

25A foolish sonne is a griefe to his father, & bitternes to her that bare him.

26Also to punish the iust is not good, nor to strike princes for equitie.

27He that hath knowledge, spareth his words: and a man of vnderstanding is of an excellent spirit.

28Euen a foole, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips, is esteemed a man of vnderstanding.

Chapter 18

1Through desire a man hauing separated himselfe, seeketh and intermedleth with all wisedome.

2A foole hath no delight in vnderstanding, but that his heart may discouer it selfe.

3When the wicked commeth, then commeth also contempt, and with ignominie, reproch.

4The words of a mans mouth, are as deepe waters, and the well-spring of wisedome as a flowing brooke.

5It is not good to accept the person of the wicked, to ouerthrowe the righteous in iudgement.

6A fooles lips enter into contention, and his mouth calleth for strokes.

7A fooles mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soule.

8The words of a tale bearer are as wounds, and they goe downe into the innermost parts of the belly.

9Hee also that is slouthful in his worke, is brother to him that is a great waster.

10The name of the Lord is a a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

11The rich mans wealth is his strong citie: and as an high wall in his owne conceit.

12Before destruction the heart of man is haughtie, and before honour is humilitie.

13He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame vnto him.

14The spirit of a man will sustaine his infirmitie: but a wounded spirit who can beare?

15The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the eare of the wise seeketh knowledge.

16A mans gift maketh roome for him, & bringeth him before great men.

17He that is first in his owne cause, seemeth iust; but his neighbour commeth and searcheth him.

18The lot causeth contentions to cease, and parteth betweene the mighty.

19A brother offended is harder to be wonne then a strong citie: and their contentions are like the barres of a castle.

20A mans belly shall be satisfied with the fruite of his mouth; and with the increase of his lippes shall he be filled.

21Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that loue it shall eate the fruite thereof.

22Who so findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and obtaineth fauour of the Lord.

23The poore vseth intreaties, but the rich answereth roughly.

24A man that hath friends must shewe himselfe friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer then a brother.

Chapter 19

1Better is the poore that walketh in his integrity, then he that is peruerse in his lippes, and is a foole.

2Also, that the soule be without knowledge, it is not good, and hee that hasteth with his feete, sinneth.

3The foolishnesse of man peruerteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the Lord.

4Wealth maketh many friends: but the poore is separated from his neighbour.

5A false witnesse shall not be vnpunished: and he that speaketh lyes, shal not escape.

6Many will entreate the fauour of the Prince: and euery man is a friend to him that giueth gifts.

7All the brethren of the poore doe hate him: howe much more doe his friends goe farre from him? Hee pursueth them with words, yet they are wanting to him.

8He that getteth wisedome loueth his owne soule: he that keepeth vnderstanding shall find good.

9A false witnesse shall not be vnpunished, and hee that speaketh lyes, shall perish.

10Delight is not seemely for a foole: much lesse for a seruant to haue rule ouer princes.

11The discretion of a man deferreth his anger: and it is his glory to passe ouer a transgression.

12The kings wrath is as the roaring of a lyon: but his fauour is as dewe vpon the grasse.

13A foolish sonne is the calamity of his father; and the contentions of a wife are a continuall dropping.

14House and riches, are the inheritance of fathers; and a prudent wife is from the Lord.

15Slouthfulnesse casteth into a deep sleepe: and an idle soule shall suffer hunger.

16He that keepeth the commandement, keepeth his owne soule: but hee that despiseth his wayes, shall die.

17Hee that hath pity vpon the poore, lendeth vnto the Lord; and that which he hath giuen, will he pay him againe.

18Chasten thy sonne while there is hope; and let not thy soule spare for his crying.

19A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment: for if thou deliuer him, yet thou must doe it againe.

20Heare counsell, and receiue instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.

21There are many deuices in a mans heart: neuerthelesse the counsell of the Lord, that shall stand.

22The desire of a man is his kindnesse: and a poore man is better then a lyar.

23The feare of the Lord tendeth to life, and he that hath it shall abide satisfied: he shall not be visited with euill.

24A slouthfull man hideth his hand in his bosome, and wil not so much as bring it to his mouth againe.

25Smite a scorner, and the simple will beware; and reprooue one that hath vnderstanding, and he will vnderstand knowledge.

26He that wasteth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is a sonne that causeth shame, and bringeth reproch.

27Cease, my sonne, to heare the instruction, that causeth to erre from the words of knowledge.

28An vngodly witnesse scorneth iudgement: and the mouth of the wicked deuoureth iniquitie.

29Iudgements are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the backe of fooles.

Chapter 20

1Wine is a mocker, strong drinke is raging: and whosoeuer is deceiued thereby, is not wise.

2The feare of a king, is as the roaring of a Lion: who so prouoketh him to anger, sinneth against his owne soule.

3It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but euery foole will be medling.

4The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he begge in haruest, and haue nothing.

5Counsell in the heart of man is like deepe water: but a man of vnderstanding will draw it out.

6Most men will proclaime euery one his owne goodnes: but a faithfull man who can finde?

7The iust man walketh in his integritie: his children are blessed after him.

8A king that sitteth in the throne of iudgement, scattereth away all euill with his eyes.

9Who can say, I haue made my heart cleane, I am pure from my sinne?

10Diuers weights, and diuers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the Lord.

11Euen a childe is knowen by his doings, whether his worke be pure, and whether it be right.

12The hearing eare, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made euen both of them.

13Loue not sleepe, lest thou come to pouertie: open thine eyes, and thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

14It is nought, it is nought (saith the buyer:) but when he is gone his way, then he boasteth.

15There is gold, and a multitude of Rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious iewell.

16Take his garment that is suerty for a stranger: and take a pledge of him for a strange woman.

17Bread of deceit is sweet to a man: but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with grauell.

18Euery purpose is established by counsell: and with good aduice make warre.

19He that goeth about as a tale-bearer, reueileth secrets; therefore meddle not with him that flattereth with his lippes.

20Who so curseth his father or his mother, his lampe shall be put out in obscure darkenesse.

21An inheritance may be gotten hastily at the beginning: but the ende thereof shall not be blessed.

22Say not thou, I will recompence euil: but wait on the Lord, and he shall saue thee.

23Diuers waights are an abomination vnto the Lord: and a false ballance is not good.

24Mans goings are of the Lord; how can a man then vnderstand his owne way?

25It is a snare to the man who deuoureth that which is holy: and after vowes, to make inquirie.

26A wise king scattereth the wicked, & bringeth the wheele ouer them.

27The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly.

28Mercy and trueth preserue the king: and his throne is vpholden by mercy.

29The glory of yong men is their strength: and the beautie of old men is the gray head.

30The blewnes of a wound cleanseth away euill: so doe stripes the inward parts of the belly.

Chapter 21

1The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the riuers of water: hee turneth it whithersoeuer he will.

2Euery way of a man is right in his owne eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.

3To doe iustice and iudgement, is more acceptable to the Lord, then sacrifice.

4An high looke, and a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked, is sinne.

5The thoughts of the diligent tend onely to plenteousnes: but of euery one that is hastie, onely to want.

6The getting of treasures by a lying tongue, is a vanitie tossed to and fro of them that seeke death.

7The robbery of the wicked shall destroy them; because they refuse to doe iudgement.

8The way of man is froward and strange: but as for the pure; his worke is right.

9It is better to dwell in a corner of the house top; then with a brawling woman in a wide house.

10The soule of the wicked desireth euill: his neighbour findeth no fauour in his eyes.

11When the scorner is punished, the simple is made wise: and when the wise is instructed, he receiueth knowledge.

12The righteous man wisely considereth the house of the wicked: but God ouerthroweth the wicked for their wickednesse.

13Whoso stoppeth his eares at the cry of the poore, hee also shall cry himselfe, but shall not be heard.

14A gift in secret pacifieth anger; and a reward in the bosome, strong wrath.

15It is ioy to the iust to doe iudgement: but destruction shalbe to the workers of iniquitie.

16The man that wandreth out of the way of vnderstanding, shall remaine in the congregation of the dead.

17He that loueth pleasure, shall be a poore man: hee that loueth wine and oyle, shall not be rich.

18The wicked shalbe a ransome for the righteous; and the transgressour for the vpright.

19It is better to dwell in the wildernesse, then with a contentious and an angry woman.

20There is treasure to be desired, and oyle in the dwelling of the wise: but a foolish man spendeth it vp.

21Hee that followeth after righteousnesse and mercy, findeth life, righteousnesse and honour.

22A wise man scaleth the citie of the mightie, and casteth downe the strength of the confidence thereof.

23Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth his soule from troubles.

24Proud and haughtie scorner, is his name, who dealeth in proud wrath.

25The desire of the slouthfull killeth him: for his hands refuse to labour.

26Hee coueteth greedily all the day long: but the righteous giueth and spareth not.

27The sacrifice of the wicked is abomination: how much more, when he bringeth it with a wicked minde?

28A false witnesse shall perish: but the man that heareth, speaketh constantly.

29A wicked man hardeneth his face: but as for the vpright, he directeth his way.

30There is no wisedome, nor vnderstanding, nor counsell against the Lord.

31The horse is prepared against the day of battell: but safetie is of the Lord.

Chapter 22

1A Good name is rather to be chosen then great riches, and louing fauour rather then siluer & golde.

2The rich and poore meet together: the Lord is the maker of them all.

3A prudent man foreseeth the euill, and hideth himselfe: but the simple passe on, and are punished.

4By humilitie and the feare of the Lord, are riches, and honour, and life.

5Thornes and snares are in the way of the froward: he that doeth keepe his soule, shalbe farre from them.

6Traine vp a childe in the way he should goe: and when he is olde, hee will not depart from it.

7The rich ruleth ouer the poore, and the borrower is seruant to the lender.

8Hee that soweth iniquitie, shall reape vanitie: and the rodde of his anger shall faile.

9Hee that hath a bountifull eye, shall bee blessed: for hee giueth of his bread to the poore.

10Cast out the scorner, and contention shall goe out; yea strife, and reproch shall cease.

11He that loueth purenesse of heart, for the grace of his lips the king shall be his friend.

12The eyes of the Lord preserue knowledge, and he ouerthroweth the words of the transgressour.

13The slothfull man sayth, There is a lyon without, I shall be slaine in the streetes.

14The mouth of strange women is a deepe pit: he that is abhorred of the Lord shall fall therein.

15Foolishnesse is bound in the heart of a child: but the rod of correction shal driue it farre from him.

16Hee that oppresseth the poore to increase his riches, and he that giueth to the rich, shall surely come to want.

17Bow downe thine eare, and heare the words of the wise, and apply thine heart vnto my knowledge.

18For it is a pleasant thing, if thou keepe them within thee; they shall withall be fitted in thy lippes.

19That thy trust may bee in the Lord, I haue made knowen to thee this day, euen to thee.

20Haue not I written to thee excellent things in counsailes and knowledge:

21That I might make thee knowe the certainty of the words of truth; that thou mightest answere the words of trueth to them that send vnto thee?

22Rob not the poore because he is poore, neither oppresse the afflicted in the gate.

23For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoile the soule of those that spoiled them.

24Make no friendship with an angrie man: and with a furious man thou shalt not goe;

25Lest thou learne his wayes, and get a snare to thy soule.

26Be not thou one of them that strike hands, or of them that are sureties for debts.

27If thou hast nothing to pay, why should he take away thy bed from vnder thee?

28Remoue not the ancient land marke, which thy fathers haue set.

29Seest thou a man diligent in his businesse? hee shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before meane men.

Chapter 23

1When thou sittest to eate with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee.

2And put a knife to thy throate, if thou be a man giuen to appetite.

3Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitfull meate.

4Labour not to bee rich: cease from thine owne wisedome.

5Wilt thou set thine eyes vpon that which is not? for riches certainly make themselues wings, they fly away as an Eagle toward heauen.

6Eate thou not the bread of him that hath an euill eye, neither desire thou his dainty meates.

7For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eate, and drinke, sayth he to thee, but his heart is not with thee.

8The morsell which thou hast eaten, shalt thou vomite vp, and loose thy sweete words.

9Speake not in the eares of a foole: for hee will despise the wisedome of thy words.

10Remoue not the old landmarke; and enter not into the fields of the fatherlesse.

11For their redeemer is mighty; he shall plead their cause with thee.

12Apply thine heart vnto instruction, and thine eares to the words of knowledge.

13Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

14Thou shalt beate him with the rod, and shalt deliuer his soule from hell.

15My sonne, if thine heart be wise, my heart shall reioyce, euen mine.

16Yea my reines shall reioyce, when thy lippes speake right things.

17Let not thine heart enuy sinners, but be thou in the feare of the Lord all the day long.

18For surely there is an end, and thine expectation shall not be cut off.

19Heare thou, my sonne, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way.

20Be not amongst wine-bibbers; amongst riotous eaters of flesh.

21For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to pouerty; and drousinesse shall cloath a man with ragges.

22Hearken vnto thy father that begate thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old.

23Buy the trueth, and sell it not; also wisedome and instruction and vnderstanding.

24The father of the righteous shall greatly reioyce: and he that begetteth a wise child, shall haue ioy of him.

25Thy father and thy mother shall be glad, and she that bare thee shall reioyce.

26My sonne, giue me thine heart, and let thine eyes obserue my wayes.

27For an whore is a deepe ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit.

28She also lyeth in wait as for a pray, and increaseth the transgressours among men.

29Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath rednesse of eyes?

30They that tarry long at the wine, they that goe to seeke mixt wine.

31Looke not thou vpon the wine when it is red, when it giueth his colour in the cup, when it moueth it selfe aright.

32At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.

33Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall vtter peruerse things.

34Yea thou shalt be as he that lyeth downe in the midst of the sea, or as he that lyeth vpon the top of a mast.

35They haue striken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sicke: they haue beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seeke it yet againe.

Chapter 24

1Be not thou enuious against euill men, neither desire to be with them.

2For their heart studieth destruction, and their lippes talke of mischiefe.

3Through wisedome is an house builded, and by vnderstanding it is established.

4And by knowledge shall the chambers bee filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

5A wise man is strong, yea a man of knowledge encreaseth strength.

6For by wise counsell thou shalt make thy warre: and in multitude of counsellers there is safetie.

7Wisedome is too high for a foole: he openeth not his mouth in the gate.

8He that deuiseth to doe euill, shall be called a mischieuous person.

9The thought of foolishnesse is sinne: and the scorner is an abomination to men.

10If thou faint in the day of aduersitie, thy strength is small:

11If thou forbeare to deliuer them that are drawen vnto death, and those that are ready to be slaine:

12If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not: doth not he that pondereth the heart, consider it? and he that keepeth thy soule, doth not he know it? and shall not hee render to euery man according to his workes?

13My sonne, eate thou honie, because it is good, and the honie combe, which is sweete to thy taste.

14So shall the knowledge of wisedome be vnto thy soule: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.

15Lay not waite, (O wicked man) against the dwelling of the righteous: spoile not his resting place.

16For a iust man falleth seuen times, and riseth vp againe: but the wicked shall fall into mischiefe.

17Reioyce not when thine enemie falleth: and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:

18Lest the Lord see it, and it displease him, and hee turne away his wrath from him.

19Fret not thy selfe because of euill men; neither be thou enuious at the wicked.

20For there shall be no reward to the euill man: the candle of the wicked shall be put out.

21My sonne, feare thou the Lord, and the king: and medle not with them that are giuen to change.

22For their calamity shall rise suddenly, and who knoweth the ruine of them both?

23These things also belong to the wise: It is not good to haue respect of persons in iudgement.

24He that sayth vnto the wicked, Thou art righteous, him shall the people curse; nations shall abhorre him:

25But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come vpon them.

26Euery man shall kisse his lippes that giueth a right answere.

27Prepare thy worke without, and make it fit for thy selfe in the field; and afterwards build thine house.

28Be not a witnesse against thy neighbour without cause: and deceiue not with thy lippes.

29Say not, I will doe so to him as he hath done to mee: I will render to the man according to his worke.

30I went by the field of the slouthfull, and by the vineyard of the man voyd of vnderstanding:

31And loe, it was all growen ouer with thornes, and nettles had couered the face thereof, and the stone wall therof was broken downe:

32Then I saw, and considered it well, I looked vpon it, and receiued instruction.

33Yet a little sleepe, a little slumber, a little folding of the handes to sleepe:

34So shall thy pouertie come, as one that traueileth, and thy want, as an armed man.

Chapter 25

1These are also Prouerbes of Solomon, which the men of Hezekiah king of Iudah copied out.

2It is the glory of God to conceale a thing: but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter.

3The heauen for height, and the earth for depth, and the heart of Kings is vnsearchable.

4Take away the drosse from the siluer, and there shall come foorth a vessell for the finer.

5Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shalbe established in righteousnes.

6Put not forth thy selfe in the presence of the king, and stand not in the place of great men.

7For better it is that it be said vnto thee, Come vp hither; then that thou shouldest be put lower in the presence of the Prince whom thine eies haue seene.

8Goe not forth hastily to striue, lest thou know not what to doe in the ende thereof, when thy neighbour hath put thee to shame.

9Debate thy cause with thy neighbour himselfe; and discouer not a secret to another:

10Lest he that heareth it, put thee to shame, and thine infamie turne not away.

11A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of siluer.

12As an eare-ring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprouer vpon an obedient eare.

13As the cold of snow in the time of haruest, so is a faithfull messenger to them that send him: for hee refresheth the soule of his masters.

14Who so boasteth himselfe of a false gift, is like cloudes and winde without raine.

15By long forbearing is a Prince perswaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone.

16Hast thou found hony? eate so much as is sufficient for thee: lest thou be filled therewith, and vomit it.

17Withdraw thy foote from thy neighbours house: lest he be weary of thee, and so hate thee.

18A man that beareth false witnes against his neighbour, is a maule, and a sword, and a sharpe arrow.

19Confidence in an vnfaithfull man in time of trouble, is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of ioynt.

20As hee that taketh away a garment in cold weather; and as vineger vpon nitre; so is he that singeth songs to an heauy heart.

21If thine enemie be hungry, giue him bread to eate: and if hee be thirstie, giue him water to drinke.

22For thou shalt heape coales of fire vpon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee.

23The North winde driueth away raine: so doeth an angrie countenance a backbiting tongue.

24It is better to dwell in a corner of the house top, then with a brawling woman, and in a wide house.

25As cold waters to a thirstie soule: so is good newes from a farre countrey.

26A righteous man falling downe before the wicked, is as a troubled fountaine, aud a corrupt spring.

27It is not good to eat much hony: so for men to search their owne glory, is not glory.

28Hee that hath no rule ouer his owne spirit, is like a citie that is broken downe, and without walles.

Chapter 26

1As snow in summer, and as raine in haruest: so honour is not seemely for a foole.

2As the bird by wandring, as the swallow by flying: so the curse causelesse shall not come.

3A whip for the horse, a bridle for the asse; and a rod for the fooles backe.

4Answere not a foole according to his folly, lest thou also be like vnto him.

5Answere a foole according to his folly, lest hee be wise in his owne conceit.

6He that sendeth a message by the hand of a foole, cutteth off the feete, and drinketh dammage.

7The legges of the lame are not equall: so is a parable in the mouth of fooles.

8As hee that bindeth a stone in a sling; so is hee that giueth honour to a foole.

9As a thorne goeth vp into the hand of a drunkard; so is a parable in the mouth of fooles.

10The great God that formed all things, both rewardeth the foole, and rewardeth transgressours.

11As a dogge returneth to his vomite: so a foole returneth to his folly.

12Seest thou a man wise in his owne conceit? there is more hope of a foole then of him.

13The slothfull man sayth, There is a lion in the way, a lion is in the streets.

14As the doore turneth vpon his hinges: so doeth the slothfull vpon his bedde.

15The slothfull hideth his hand in his bosome, it grieueth him to bring it againe to his mouth.

16The sluggard is wiser in his owne conceit, then seuen men that can render a reason.

17He that passeth by, and medleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the eares.

18As a mad man, who casteth firebrands, arrowes, and death:

19So is the man that deceiueth his neighbour, & sayth, Am not I in sport?

20Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no tale-bearer, the strife ceaseth.

21As coales are to burning coales, and wood to fire; so is a contentious man to kindle strife.

22The words of a tale-bearer are as woundes, and they goe downe into the innermost parts of the belly.

23Burning lips, and a wicked heart, are like a potsheard couered with siluer drosse.

24Hee that hateth, dissembleth with his lips, and layeth vp deceit within him.

25When he speaketh faire, beleeue him not: for there are seuen abominations in his heart.

26Whose hatred is couered by deceit, his wickednesse shall be shewed before the whole congregation.

27Whoso diggeth a pit, shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will returne vpon him.

28A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it, and a flattering mouth worketh ruine.

Chapter 27

1Boast not thy selfe of to morrow: for thou knowest not what a day may bring foorth.

2Let another man praise thee, and not thine owne mouth; a stranger, and not thine owne lips.

3A stone is heauie, and the sand weightie: but a fooles wrath is heauier then them both.

4Wrath is cruell, and anger is outragious: but who is able to stand before enuie?

5Open rebuke is better then secret loue.

6Faithfull are the woundes of a friend: but the kisses of an enemy are deceitfull.

7The full soule loatheth an honie combe: but to the hungry soule euery bitter thing is sweete.

8As a bird that wandreth from her nest: so is a man that wandreth from his place.

9Oyntment and perfume reioyce the heart: so doeth the sweetnesse of a mans friend by heartie counsell.

10Thine owne friend and thy fathers friend forsake not; neither goe in to thy brothers house in the day of thy calamitie: for better is a neighbour that is neere, then a brother farre off.

11My sonne, be wise, and make my heart glad, that I may answere him that reprocheth me.

12A prudent man foreseeth the euil, and hideth himselfe: but the simple passe on, and are punished.

13Take his garment that is surety for a stranger, and take a pledge of him for a strange woman.

14He that blesseth his friend with a loud voice, rising earely in the morning, it shall be counted a curse to him.

15A continuall dropping in a very rainie day, and a contentious woman, are alike.

16Whosoeuer hideth her, hideth the wind, and the ointment of his right hand which be wrayeth it selfe.

17Iron sharpeneth iron: so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

18Whoso keepeth the figtree, shall eate the fruit therof: so he that waiteth on his master, shall be honoured.

19As in water face answereth to face: so the heart of man to man.

20Hell and destruction are neuer full: so the eyes of man are neuer satisfied.

21As the fining pot for siluer, and the furnace for gold: so is a man to his praise.

22Though thou shouldest bray a foole in a morter among wheate with a pestell, yet will not his foolishnesse depart from him.

23Be thou diligent to knowe the state of thy flocks, and looke well to thy herds.

24For riches are not for euer: and doth the crowne endure to euery generation?

25The hay appeareth, and the tender grasse sheweth it selfe, and herbes of the mountaines are gathered.

26The lambes are for thy clothing, and the goates are the price of thy field.

27And thou shalt haue goats milke enough for thy food, for the food of thy houshold, and for the maintenance for thy maidens.

Chapter 28

1The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bolde as a lyon.

2For the transgression of a land, many are the princes thereof: but by a man of vnderstanding and knowledge the state thereof shall bee prolonged.

3A poore man that oppresseth the poore, is like a sweeping raine which leaueth no food.

4They that forsake the law, praise the wicked: but such as keepe the Law, contend with them.

5Euill men vnderstand not iudgement: but they that seeke the Lord, vnderstand all things.

6Better is the poore that walketh in his vprightnesse, then he that is peruerse in his wayes, though he be rich.

7Whoso keepeth the law, is a wise sonne: but he that is a companion of riotous men, shameth his father.

8He that by vsurie and vniust gaine increaseth his substance, he shall gather it for him that wil pity the poore.

9He that turneth away his eare from hearing the law, euen his prayer shalbe abomination.

10Who so causeth the righteous to goe astray in an euill way, he shall fall himselfe into his owne pit: but the vpright shall haue good things in possession.

11The rich man is wise in his owne conceit: but the poore that hath vnderstanding searcheth him out.

12When righteous men do reioyce, there is great glory: but when the wicked rise, a man is hidden.

13He that couereth his sinnes, shall not prosper: but who so confesseth and forsaketh them, shall haue mercie.

14Happy is the man that feareth always: but he that hardeneth his heart, shall fall into mischiefe.

15As a roaring lyon and a ranging beare: so is a wicked ruler ouer the poore people.

16The prince that wanteth vnderstanding, is also a great oppressour: but he that hateth couetousnesse, shall prolong his dayes.

17A man that doth violence to the blood of any person, shall flie to the pit, let no man stay him.

18Whoso walketh vprightly, shall be saued: but he that is peruerse in his wayes, shall fall at once.

19He that tilleth his land, shal haue plentie of bread: but he that followeth after vaine persons, shall haue pouerty enough.

20A faithfull man shall abound with blessings: but hee that maketh haste to be rich, shall not be innocent.

21To haue respect of persons, is not good: for, for a piece of bread that man will transgresse.

22He that hasteth to bee rich, hath an euill eye, and considereth not that pouerty shall come vpon him.

23He that rebuketh a man, afterwards shall find more fauour, then he that flattereth with the tongue.

24Who so robbeth his father or his mother, and saith, it is no transgression, the same is the companion of a destroyer.

25He that is of a proud heart, stirreth vp strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord, shalbe made fat.

26Hee that trusteth in his owne heart, is a foole: but who so walketh wisely, he shall be deliuered.

27He that giueth vnto the poore, shall not lacke: but he that hideth his eyes, shall haue many a curse.

28When the wicked rise, men hide themselues: but when they perish, the righteous increase.

Chapter 29

1He that being often reproued, hardeneth his necke, shal suddenly be destroied, and that without remedy.

2When the righteous are in authoritie, the people reioyce: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourne.

3Whoso loueth wisedome, reioyceth his father: but hee that keepeth company with harlots, spendeth his substance.

4The king by iudgement stablisheth the land: but he that receiueth gifts, ouerthroweth it.

5A man that flattereth his neighbour, spreadeth a net for his feet.

6In the transgression of an euill man there is a snare: but the righteous doth sing and reioyce.

7The righteous considereth the cause of the poore: but the wicked regardeth not to know it.

8Scornefull men bring a citie into a snare: but wise men turne away wrath.

9If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether hee rage or laugh, there is no rest.

10The bloodthirstie hate the vpright: but the iust seeke his soule.

11A foole vttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.

12If a ruler hearken to lies, all his seruants are wicked.

13The poore and the deceitful man meet together: the Lord lightneth both their eyes.

14The King that faithfully iudgeth the poore, his throne shall be established for euer.

15The rod and reproofe giue wisedome: but a child left to himselfe bringeth his mother to shame.

16When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall.

17Correct thy sonne, and hee shall giue thee rest: yea he shall giue delight vnto thy soule.

18Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the Law, happy is he.

19A seruant will not be corrected by words: for though hee vnderstand, hee will not answere.

20Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? there is more hope of a foole then of him.

21He that delicately bringeth vp his seruant from a child, shall haue him become his sonne at the length.

22An angry man stirreth vp strife, and a furious man aboundeth in transgression.

23A mans pride shall bring him lowe: but honour shall vpholde the humble in spirit.

24Who so is partner with a thiefe, hateth his owne soule: hee heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it not.

25The feare of man bringeth a snare: but who so putteth his trust in the Lord, shall be safe.

26Many seeke the rulers fauour, but euery mans iudgement commeth from the Lord.

27An vniust man is an abomination to the iust: and he that is vpright in the way, is abomination to the wicked.

Chapter 30

1The words of Agur the sonne of Iakeh, euen the prophecy: The man spake vnto Ithiel, euen vnto Ithiel and Ucal.

2Surely I am more brutish then any man, and haue not the vnderstanding of a man.

3I neither learned wisedome, nor haue the knowledge of the holy.

4Who hath ascended vp into heauen, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in his fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is his name, and what is his sonnes name, if thou canst tell?

5Euery word of God is pure: he is a shield vnto them that put their trust in him.

6Adde thou not vnto his words, lest he reproue thee, and thou be found a lyar.

7Two things haue I required of thee, deny me them not before I die.

8Remoue farre from mee vanity, and lyes; giue me neither pouerty, nor riches, feede me with food conuenient for me.

9Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the Lord? or lest I be poore, and steale, and take the name of my God in vaine.

10Accuse not a seruant vnto his master; lest he curse thee, and thou be found guilty.

11There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not blesse their mother.

12There is a generation that are pure in their owne eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthinesse.

13There is a generation, O howe lofty are their eyes! and their eye-lids are lifted vp.

14There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their iaw-teeth as kniues, to deuoure the poore from off the earth, and the needy from among men.

15The horse-leach hath two daughters, crying, Giue, giue. There are three things that are neuer satisfied, yea foure things say not, It is enough:

16The graue; and the barren wombe; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough.

17The eye that mocketh at his father, and despiseth to obey his mother; the rauens of the valley shall picke it out, and the young Eagles shall eate it.

18There be three things which are too wonderfull for me; yea foure, which I know not:

19The way of an Eagle in the ayre; the way of a serpent vpon a rocke; the the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.

20Such is the way of an adulterous woman: she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I haue done no wickednesse.

21For three things the earth is disquieted, and for foure which it cannot beare:

22For a seruant when he reigneth, and a foole when hee is filled with meate:

23For an odious woman when shee is married, and an handmayd that is heire to her mistresse.

24There be foure things which are little vpon the earth; but they are exceeding wise:

25The Ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meate in the summer.

26The conies are but a feeble folke, yet make they their houses in the rocks

27The locustes haue no king, yet goe they forth all of them by bands.

28The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings palaces.

29There be three things which goe well, yea foure are comely in going:

30A lyon which is strongest among beastes, and turneth not away for any:

31A gray-hound; an hee-goate also; and a king, against whom there is no rising vp.

32If thou hast done foolishly in lifting vp thy selfe, or if thou hast thought euill, lay thine hand vpon thy mouth.

33Surely the churning of milke bringeth forth butter; and the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood: so the forcing of wrath bringeth forth strife.

Chapter 31

1The wordes of King Lemuel, the prophecie that his mother taught him.

2What, my sonne! and what, the sonne of my wombe! and what, the sonne of my vowes!

3Giue not thy strength vnto women, nor thy wayes to that which destroyeth kings.

4It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drinke wine, nor for Princes, strong drinke:

5Lest they drinke, and forget the Law, and peruert the iudgement of any of the afflicted.

6Giue strong drinke vnto him that is ready to perish, and wine vnto those that be of heauie hearts.

7Let him drinke, and forget his pouertie, and remember his misery no more.

8Open thy mouth for the dumbe in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.

9Open thy mouth, iudge righteously, and plead the cause of the poore and needy.

10¶ Who can finde a vertuous woman? for her price is farre aboue Rubies.

11The heart of her husband doeth safely trust in her, so that he shall haue no need of spoile.

12She will doe him good, and not euill, all the dayes of her life.

13She seeketh wooll and flaxe, and worketh willingly with her hands.

14She is like the merchants ships, she bringeth her food from afarre.

15Shee riseth also while it is yet night, and giueth meate to her household, and a portion to her maydens.

16She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her handes she planteth a Uineyard.

17She girdeth her loynes with strength, and strengtheneth her armes.

18She perceiueth that her merchandise is good; her candle goeth not out by night.

19She layeth her handes to the spindle, and her handes hold the distaffe.

20She stretcheth out her hand to the poore, yea she reacheth foorth her handes to the needy.

21She is not afraid of the snow for her houshold: for all her houshold are cloathed with scarlet.

22She maketh herselfe couerings of tapestrie; her cloathing is silke and purple.

23Her husband is knowen in the gates, when he sitteth among the Elders of the land.

24She maketh fine linnen, and selleth it, and deliuereth girdles vnto the merchant.

25Strength and honour are her cloathing; and she shall reioyce in time to come.

26She openeth her mouth with wisedome; and in her tongue is the law of kindnesse.

27She looketh well to the wayes of her housholde, and eateth not the bread of idlenesse.

28Her children arise vp, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

29Many daughters haue done vertuously, but thou excellest them all.

30Fauour is deceitfull, and beautie is vaine: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shalbe praised.

31Giue her of the fruit of her hands, and let her owne workes praise her in the gates.